“Calvinism did not spring from Calvin. We believe that it sprang from the great Founder of all truth.”
-Charles H. Spurgeon
Just so we know what we’re up against, here at The Evangelical Calvinist. This is the popular sentiment that pervades contemporary Calvinistic thinking. Which then makes the task of this blog (if it really has one 😉 highly difficult. If we are to “question” or be “critical thinkers” in regards to Classic Calvinism (CC), it may be for not; for to question Calvinism (per the logic provided by the Spurgeon quote) in its classical form, is to question Jesus and the scriptures themselves.
Nevertheless, I remain hopeful, that exposing folks to the background and informing philosophies that have given CC its shape; will in fact make “in-roads” for some within the halls of CC. This means this blog has its work cut out for itself; what is required is patience, love, wittiness, perseverance (no, not the “P” in the TULIP kind ;-), and much more.
One caveat here, I want to make clear, I believe CC’rs are most certainly “saved” — brothers and sisters — and that there are many valuable things said (theologically) by this tradition and its heritage (but I would say that this is inspite of their informing theological framework). Anyway, I hope that helps clarify . . .