Check out this video, over at Lane Chaplin’s!

The video is a bit long (over 16 minutes), but it exemplifies the types of folks I am trying to engage here at The Evangelical Calvinist (at least in particular ways). This video was produced by famed Calvinist “Vlogger” Lane Chaplin. Watch the video, and see what you think.

Also, I have stacked my weekend posting for this site all onto this one day; so to make sure you don’t miss my other weekend postings here’s the links:

Emerging Calvinism

Expose’ on MacArthur and the Puritans


P. S. I am having a bit of fun with the title of this post, but I am dead serious on working through some of the theological issues/problems that Classic Calvinism promotes; stay tuned for more, I’m just getting started here . . . by the way, you might wonder when I’m going to start presenting more stuff on “Evangelical Calvinism;” well that’s coming too (have patience) . . .