Can you think of any contemporary Evangelical Calvinists? I’ll start the list off:

  • Thomas F. Torrance
  • George Hunsinger (out of Princeton)
  • Myk Habets (our Kiwi theologian)
  • Bobby Grow (that’s me šŸ˜‰
  • . . .

Who else would you include on this list? In fact let me open it up to include theologians from the history of the church . . .

Here’s an easier task. Who are contemporary, or even historical Classic and/or Federal Calvinists? I’ll kick this off too:

  • R. C. Sproul
  • Richard Muller
  • Mike Horton
  • . . .

Anymore come to mind? I think this listing will be indicative of what “system” has actually been prevailing within Christianity.

H/T: Dr. Myk Habets, for inspiring this post