It is easy to get caught up in the theology game, especially when trying to carve out a niche within “that game;” such as Evangelical Calvinism represents. Sometimes I’m afraid that the bigger picture is lost when focusing on this “tradition” versus that “tradition,” ad infinitum. Now, while I believe Evangelical Calvinism provides the best lense to approach God; I also want to caveat this by reminding us to remember that all of this discussion — i.e. Evangelical Calvinism vs. Federal Calvinism [within the ‘Reformed world’] vs. the rest of the various Christian traditions — is an in-house discussion, even if it often digresses to out-house language.

I think it’s important to remember that all “Christians” (assuming this is the case) are trying to do one thing, that is, to know God and make Him known. It’s just that Evangelical Calvinism has the best corner on that one . . . 😉 . Just some perspective.