My primary intention for ever starting this blog was to introduce folks to what we have come to call Evangelical Calvinism (a derivative of ‘non-Federal’ Scottish Theology). In the days gone by we have delved into many points related to this very intention; but more recently it seems that we have strayed off the tracks. I want to get back on track, and continue discussing the ‘postive’ contribution that EC can and should make for all Christians “who have eyes to see, and ears to hear” 🙂 . Basically, EC is a constructive project which is seeking to reach back into the rich history of Calvinism, identify certain themes and motifs left-over within that history, and build upon — or at least cultivate — what for most in the ‘tradition’ (Reformed) has never been heard of; or, what has been left to collect dust in the halls of theological history. While the history is inseparably related to the ideas — in other words these thoughts are embedded in the ‘History of Calvinism’ — it is the ideas that are most important, and this is what I mean when I say, “EC is a constructive project.” There is a foundation already there, my goal is to clean the debris field, that has built up over time (after years of neglect, or carelessness), off of this foundation; show it to people, and start building and talking theologically in the shape that this foundation predetermines (realizing that we potentially have tools to reshape this foundation as well — i.e. the “hammer of God’s Word”, you know . . . the norming norm).

Anyway, I say this, just to say, that the polemics against ‘Federal theology’ are going to stop, for now. Sure, I’ll probably have to mention Federal theology, now and again, but only as a foil; a foil to its counterpart which developed, in many respects, right along with it — albeit upon a different foundation (or ‘Doctrine of God’). Be on the lookout for more discussion and presentation in this direction, cool 🙂 !