Let me clarify something, real quickly; us Evangelical Calvinists are not saying that we have sole claim on Calvin and his theology. We aren’t saying that Federal Calvinists don’t have any claim on Calvin’s theology, either. Instead, since Calvin’s thinking often (as reflected in the Institutes) was more ‘Biblically’ tensed, than ‘Dogmatically’ (although he does present theological loci for sure); we are left with particular tensions in his thought. What, then, we are claiming, as EC, is that an aspect of Calvin has been developed one way (Evangelical); while another has been developed in another way (Federal). Both can make legitimate claims to Calvin’s thought, both can say they have the more faithful appropriation — thus sola scriptura, this must be the norming norm by which we adjudicate such issues. And this is my point, my goal here really isn’t to say that Federal Calvinists aren’t the ‘true heirs’ to Calvin; it’s only to alert us to the fact that they aren’t the only ‘true heirs’. 🙂