Nathan Hitchcock (doctoral candidate in systematic theology at New College, University of Edinburgh, Scotland — lucky, that’s where TFT taught, I’ll try not to covet 😉 ) just alerted me to a conference that he is taking part in, at Sioux Falls Seminary. The conference is entitled: Calvin and Current Calvinisms Conference. This conference is in honor of Calvin’s 500th anniversary (his birthday, now belated); here is the conference’s theme:

This year is the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, great servant and theologian for the Church. To commemorate this occasion Sioux Falls Seminary is hosting a conference on Friday, October 16, 2009 for lay leaders and pastors, theologians and scholars, seminarians and university students.

On one hand, the conference seeks to recognize the tremendous impact Calvin had in his own era. Expert historian Scott M. Manetsch will help clarify the significance of his work in Geneva, and chart the development of the churches shaped by him in the sixteenth century. From there, the conference seeks to facilitate a conversation between the many groups identifying themselves as “Calvinist” or “Reformed” today. How has Calvin’s legacy been received and developed in the Reformed and Presbyterian churches? Why are so many Baptist groups and free churches identifying themselves with him? And what about these so-called “young Calvinists”?

The day will include several main presentations, a breakout session for the reading of scholarly papers, and a diverse panel of thinkers discussing what it means to follow in John Calvin’s footsteps in this day and age.

This conference is made possible in large part by the gracious support of Sioux Falls Seminary, Classis Heartland (CRCNA) and Classis of West Sioux (RCA). (taken from here)

It looks like a one day conference, taking place October 16th; if you’re in the area, I would encourage you to drop by! This sounds great!!!