For anybody interested, and who has access to academic journals, Dr. Myk Habets — “Evangelical Calvinist, extraordinaire” 🙂 — has yet again been published in the Scottish Journal of Theology. His most recent essay is entitled:

“Putting the ‘Extra’ back into Calvinsm”

Here is the bibliographic info: SJT 62(4): 441–456 (2009) Printed in the United Kingdom C  2009 Scottish Journal of Theology Ltd doi:10.1017/S003693060999010X

If you hadn’t guessed, the article is dealing with the so called extra Calvinisticum. Here is the abstract:

With a long and venerable history in both Catholic and Protestant traditions the doctrine represented by the term extra Calvinisticum has fallen out of favour within contemporary theologies of the cross. Through an examination of the history of the doctrine and its constituent features the present article advocates the reclamation of the doctrine as a necessary component for a contemporary theology of the atonement, with special emphasis on the trinitarian dimensions of the death of God on the cross. The extra Calvinisticum is then adopted to refute contemporary theologies of a suffering God. (see biblio info above)