Well, my head is swimming in Calvinism; now, there is certainly more to life than working out the various wrinkles that said system of belief represents. I just want to give an explanation for why I have taken the name Evangelical Calvinist — it really has nothing to do with Calvinism at all (it’s more conceptual than that).

I’ve taken the name “Evangelical Calvinist” because, well, simply, it represents where my doctrinal positions flow from. It is evangelical because it starts, methodologically, with God’s life; thus His superabundant love for us. It is Calvinist because it clearly moves within the stream and categories provided by John Calvin. It follows supralapsarianism, it follows a Scotist trajectory on God, it engages the “mystical union,” it holds to the so called ‘extra Calvinisticum’, etc. I would suggest that most Protestant Christians, conscious or not, are either “Calvinistic” or “Lutheran” in orientation. It really becomes a matter of identifying your own doctrinal set and predispositions, and then correlating it to its “stream” (which really is a spiral/dialectic like process). That’s what I’ve been working at over these last many years, and it clearly has landed me in the realm of Calvinism (vs. Lutheran).

I wonder what realm you’re in? I bet you’re a Calvinist, maybe going under the cover of Biblicist 😉 .

Oh, did I fail to mention Thomas F. Torrance 😉 ?