Here is a video I did back in June of this year, just prior to me having my epiphany (thanks Myk), that I was an “Evangelical Calvinist.” You’ll notice in the video that I am highlighting, well Janice Knight is, a distinction between Calvinism[s] in England (vs. Scotland). The interesting thing to me, is that the division that is underscored in this post, has its counterpart and parallel in Scotland (which is what most of the stuff on this blog has been on about — “Evangelical Calvinism” in Scotland would = The Spiritual Brethren mentioned in the vid.). What this should illustrate, at least, is that Calvinism is not a monolith (even though it is presented as such today). Please don’t let my good looks distract you as you watch the video 🙂 , instead try to concentrate on the material content therein.