Thank you for your prayers. I just wanted to give a quick update. Today I went in for the biopsy, and that went well; the Lord is definitely using your prayers to encourage us, please keep them coming. Now, of course, more waiting — and it is the waiting that is the most challenging — I am scheduled for Wednesday the 18th to find out the results of the biopsy. Please pray that these results are positive; in other words, that the result is benign. I am, my family is, trying to stay positive; the enemy of my/our souls is trying to play havoc with my psyche, to rob the peace that Christ offers each of us whenever (and always) we face these kinds of stretching growing refining points of growing. The exciting thing is that the Lord is faithfully showing Himself, that He is encouraging me and my family in ways I never thought possible; speaking in ways that I’ve never really known (not in the depth); and coming alongside as the paraclete/comforter that He is in ways that actually remind me of some of Paul’s stories in Acts.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update and say thank you guys — every single one of you — for your prayers; please keep them up, and especially remember next Wednesday (for peace). We are praying very specifically and very expectantly — much like the woman and the judge in Luke 18 — indeed, very persistently that the Lord is going to make the diagnosis “benign.” I have been encouraged in that direction, and I’m excited to see how the Lord is working!

I will keep you all updated, please continue to pray; it’s awesome to know that we have an army of prayer warriors behind us and before the LORD!

In Christ,