Just got back from the doctor, not the news we were praying for; but not the worst scenario either. We still don’t have the final diagnosis, it’s still in the preliminary stage; they are leaning highly towards the idea that my mass is a lymphoma. We are still waiting though, there’s still a slight, though unlikely, chance that it’s benign. My doctor was actually encouraged that it turned out to be a lymphoma (if it had to be a cancer at all), it is in the CURABLE classification of diseases; and so this makes this preliminary diagnosis very encouraging indeed! It does mean that I’ll be going through some chemo-therapy, and to be honest at the moment, I’m antsy to get started.

Please continue to pray that this preliminary diagnosis is wrong; and that it actually turns out to be benign. But also pray that if it’s right that we will get hooked up with an excellent oncologist (and quickly); that my treatment will be immediately effective; that the Lord will provide financially for us through this process (I’m the primary bread winner in the family); that my family will be strengthened through this season; that my treatment won’t cause me any side-effects (that I won’t get sick from it); most of all that we will experience the peace and protection of the Lord, I’m sure the enemy of our souls would desire nothing less than to destroy us — I’m excited to see how the Lord is going to grow us through this time. Also, please pray that I will be one of those who is “cured” from this heinous disease. I have many more prayer requests, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing those down the road.

I wish I didn’t have to write this post, at least with this news; I was hoping, of course for different news, but the Lord is faithful, and we’re trusting in Him in ways that we have never had to before.