I was supposed to find out a week ago, today, what the results of my biopsy were; but all the doctor had at that point were my preliminary results, and all those said was that my mass involved lymphatic tissue — thus the assumption that I had lymphoma. It wasn’t until today that we actually found out what exactly I have; and let me tell you, I was scared to death — you see yesterday morning I did receive a call from the doctor’s office, and they told me I tested positive for a sarcoma, not lymphoma. Couple that with the idea that my mass involved lymphatic tissue, and we have a recipe for a complete nightmare. Anyway, we went in; I do in fact have a sarcoma (or soft-tissue tumor), its proper name is: Desmoplastic Small Cell Tumor. This might not sound like such great news, but considering the alternative, a sarcoma in my lymph nodes, this is great news. My cancer is very very rare, which is why they initially mistook it for lymphoma; it apparently starts out in the abdominal wall, and builds from there. The other part of this that is good news is that my mass appears to be at stage 1, in other words it hasn’t spread (metastized); which means that the surgeon can ideally go in, cut it out, and we can be done with it — beyond ideally, he can still go in, cut it out, and I will have to follow it up with some radiation and/or chemo-therapy. So potentially, at a functional level, this could be just like taking out a benign mass (i.e. no need for further treatment).

I should be having surgery within the next week and a half or so, they want to move quickly on it. Unfortunately, due to the mass’ position I am going to have to lose one of my kidneys. The tumor is kind of positioned up behind it a bit, so they will have to remove that in order to give optimal accessiblity to the mass; at which point the doctor will be able to hopefully cut that sucker out of there (good riddins)! This will be a big surgery (three surgeons — the general, a urologist, and a vascular surgeon), so please continue to pray that the ideal situation is met; which is that the doctor will be able to cleanly and efficiently cut that stinkin’ mass out of my body without any residue of cancer left.

Potentially this could all be over in about two weeks, which gives me great hope; this last month has been a nightmare; except for those many moments when the Lord spoke to me; and except for the fact that there are thousands of Christians all over this world praying for me and my family (which is totally awesome, your prayers are working, keep them up, please!). Obviously this ordeal isn’t over with yet, your prayers are still most needed! We are trusting that this is only weeks from being over with, right now I am filled with such relief, you can’t even imagine (maybe you can). Please pray that the mass doesn’t metastisize, that the Lord will hedge it in until its cut out (that sucker); that the surgery will totally take care of the problem, that the Lord will sustain my family and I all the way through this (i.e. that our finances will be met, I’m going to be out of work for quite a few weeks just recovering), that the Lord’s name will be magnified (it already is at work, many non-Christians there are being impacted by this, they know I love the Lord, and that I am trusting Him to take me and my family through this — there are many who are opening up to me like never before, and about spiritual things [some aren’t though]). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your guys’ continued prayers; I really believe they are carrying the day, and that the Lord is hearing you — don’t stop!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, in Christ,