Tomorrow at 6am (pst) I go in for a procedure where they will insert a “port” into my upper right chest; this will be the place where the chemo and various other things (fluids, medicines, etc.) will go in. This is only going to be a 4 hr day, so it shouldn’t be too  much of an ordeal (relative to other things I’ll be facing); but just the same I would appreciate your prayers for tomorrow (I get really nervous whenever I have to go to the doctor, maybe that’s one of the things the LORD is also curing me of). I’ll have the weekend off, then Monday, for most of the day, I’ll be getting a CT scan, PET Scan, and a test to check my heart [make sure it’s strong enough for chemo]). Tuesday I’ll start my chemo (I also might do another CT guided needle biopsy, they just want double check my sarcoma), I’ll be in the hospital for 48hrs receiving the chemo, so I imagine I’ll get to go home mid-morning Thursday — this will be my first round of chemo, and I’ll have 3 weeks off before the next series (which will involve 5 days in a row). I/we just appreciate your prayers and support . . . I guess this is where the “no-pain, no-gain” axiom comes in (I’ll be happy when Jesus comes back, and that axiom will be out the window 😉 ).


We’re just back from the oncologist, and it went well — although it was exhausting (we were there for 4 hrs). The team of doctors who are going to be working on me are amazing, we live right next to a world-class sarcoma center (at OHSU); my doctors are brilliant (here is the surgical oncologist who will be working on me: Dr. Kevin Billingsley and the medical oncologist: Dr. Christopher Ryan both amazingly brilliant guys), and also caring (a rare combination for some). Here’s the skinny:

I have a rare (rare) cancer, it is a sarcoma, which makes up only 1% of cancer diagnoses; and then to top it off my sarcoma is a rare (rare) sarcoma (one that starts in the abdominal wall). The miraculous thing about my sarcoma is that it hasn’t metastisized (the doctors don’t think so, I’m going to have a PET scan and CT scan to make totally sure this Friday); in fact it truly could be said that this is quite miraculous, thank you LORD! The doctors put together a plan while we were there today, here it is: I will be fitted with a port in my upper right chest this coming Monday, I will begin a hard-core chemo regimen this coming Tuesday-Wednesday (an in patient 48 hr chemo), then 2.5 weeks off, and then the next course, which involves 5 days in a row (Mon. – Fri.) — potentially in-patient as well (but I think I might just be able to go in each day). This process will unfold for the next two months [alternating between the 2 day in-patient and 5 day out-patient courses] (during which they will be giving me periodic CT scans to check the status of my tumor’s size), the goal is to shrink my tumor a bit (which will provide a bigger tissue plane to remove my tumor from), kill any anarchic cells that might be floating around, and provide a safety net for when I do have my tumor surgically removed (in other words, when when the tumor is removed any cells that might sneak out at that point will be immediately neutralized by the chemo in my system). So after the tumor is ready to be terminated (prepared by the chemo) they will go in and take it out surgically; depending on how well the chemo works they might be able to save my right kidney (the tumor could shrink down to almost nothing through chemo, please pray it does, that would be great), either way, they will take that sucker out of there. At which time they will determine if I should do another series of chemo (for good measure), as well as a little radiation. We are in for a long couple of few months, please pray for strength and all kinds of stuff.

I am not going to be able to work during my chemo and recovery from surgery, so at least for the next three months. This presents a NEED. I have some financial coverage through work (I will get a little less than half my salary for each month), but we are going to need to be able to make up that short fall; so let me throw this NEED out there. If you could help us out financially that would be most appreciated! Not only are we going to have our regular expenses, but we will, in addition, have medical bills to pay for. I know the LORD will provide, maybe He’ll do that through you. Here is a basic run down of the difference we’re going to need made up each month:

Normal bring home wages (weekly): $750 US

Out of work coverage (weekly): $300 US

Difference we need to make up (weekly): $450 US

A total of (monthly): $1,800 US

I don’t like to ask for this, but this is a real need for us; anything you could provide would help out! Our mailing address is:

Bobby Grow

1115 NE Keyes Rd. Apt.# A-2

Vancouver, WA 98684

I will be setting up a “Paypal” account as soon as I figure out how to do that.

This is probably the most sureal thing I have ever encountered in life; but I (we [my family]) know that this is all part of God’s grand design. Heaven will be the only place, I think, that will make this season make any kind of sense; but I know the Lord is using and will use this season to bring glory to His name, and as a departure point for Him to use me and my family in ways that we never really could conceive of (even now). Thank you everybody for your continued prayers, please continue to pray. Pray that the chemo will be effective, pray that my tumor will come out easily, pray that once this is gone  it will never come back, pray for strength and peace for my wife and family (and me), pray I don’t get sick from my chemo, pray that my wife and I will be able to be testimonies of God’s grace all the way through this process. I can’t believe this is happening, but we serve a God who is unbelievable (in the best sense of that concept); and also a God who could heal me at His spoken word (which if you don’t mind, pray that He will do that too, I am). I’ll keep you all updated . . .