Please continue to pray, later today (starting @ approx. 11am pst and continuing through about 3pm pst) I go through a series of tests; one test to check the strength of my heart (to make sure it is strong enough to handle chemo), and then a PET scan and CT scan to formally clarify that my mass has not spread. None of the doctors think it has, in fact both the medical oncologist and surgical oncologist have said point blank that it has not; I’m not sure what markers they look at to know that, but apparently those markers are there. Anyway, ever since I had my original CT, that initially revealed my tumor, I have become gun-shy to anymore tests like this. I know it is a good thing to cover all the bases, but I’m just nervous; please pray for peace and that these tests prove the doctors right. Thank you.

Beyond this, I start my first series of chemo this week — Tuesday and Wednesday (48 hr in-patient) — oh joy! It is indeed bitter-sweet, I want to start, and don’t want to; just pray the chemo does not make me sick, but that it makes my tumor sick instead, so that the tumor just melts away to nothing. Please pray that the Lord would just touch my body and heal me; ask Him to do a miracle, to supernaturally take this stupid tumor away (far away). To be honest, I’m already tired of all of this; I just want it to be over with, but then I suppose my character wouldn’t develop very much, would it (cf. Rom. 5:1-5)? Pray for my whole family, we need the LORD’s provision and peace! Pray for special strength for my beautiful wife, she is awesome; I don’t know what I would do without her! Pray for my cute kids, pray that the LORD would keep their innocence in tact; and that they too would grow to trust in our God who heals (they have been praying) and provides!

By the way, I just wanted everyone to know that the LORD continues to speak to my heart; He continues to let His presence be known in very special ways. If you don’t, why don’t you stop and be still; He speaks to all His sheep, and we know His voice. Saturate your life in scripture, His still small voice speaks through His Word to our hearts; bearing witness with our spirits that we are His — if we don’t have His Word in our hearts, how will He speak to our hearts? We need to be in His Word, meditating on it day and night; let it accomplish its work in you!