Game day has come, later this morning I get admitted to the hospital for my first round of chemo-therapy (10:30 am) — actually I’m having another biopsy first, then starting my chemo. This first round will be a 48hr stint, then 3 weeks off; then a 5 day stint. Please remember tomorrow and the next couple of days especially through prayer. I am really hopeful that I will not get sick from the chemo; and also that the chemo will go in and melt this cancer right out of my body (so that we can avoid surgery altogether) — please pray that these two hopes are met with God’s mercy and grace.

You guys have been so awesome, your prayers and support are certainly carrying us forward; the LORD’s presence is so tangible it’s amazing. In fact, just today I think my wife and I experienced some interaction with a couple of angels (cf. Heb. 1:14); let me know if you’re interested to hear more on that, and maybe I’ll share.

Also, I just wanted to share something from Charles Spurgeon that the LORD has really been ministering to my heart through:

. . . Then consider how bravely our Lord endured: herein is confidence. Tears did not drown the Savior’s hope in God. Jesus lived. He triumphed notwithstanding all His sorrows; and because He lives, we shall live also. He says, “Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Though our hero had to weep in the fight, yet He was not beaten. He came, He wept, He conquered. You and I share the tears of His eyes, and we shall share the diamonds of His crown. Wear the thorn crown here, and you shall wear the crown of glory hereafter. –Charles Spurgeon, ed. Lance Wubbels, “The Power of Christ’s Tears,” 24

This world is most certainly not our home, it’s just what we know. I’m really confident that my sickness here will not end in physical death; but it is the eternal perspective that Spurgeon refers to that provides all of us with ultimate hope! Lazuras was raised from the dead, but he still had to die again; I plan on “being raised from this,” but someday I’ll still have to face physical death (unless the LORD comes first, ‘come quickly!’), as we all do. What an awesome hope we have in Jesus; we need to be busy about sharing that hope with others!

P.S. I’m still trying to work out the kinks in paypal, argh . . . I’ll get it 😉 .

P.P.S. Also I did have a PET/CT scan today, please pray that the results are consonant with what the all the doctors have been saying; that my tumor hasn’t spread (I’m still a bit nervous about that).