Some of you have requested that we set up a Paypal acct so that you can help us out financially. The button in the sidebar has been fixed, so just go to this link and enter our email address ( in order to donate. Specify that it is a “gift” [there are two options “purchase” or “personal”, click “personal” and then select “gift” — good to go]. Thanks so much to everyone for the prayers and support! You are all amazing blessings of God’s grace!

In Christ,

Angela and Bobby Grow

I know this is working because we’ve already received some amazing support through paypal and the snail-mail. We will be sending thank you letters to all of those who are supporting us this way, and identifying themselves (one donor hasn’t on paypal, so thank you anonymous giver, your gift along with everyone else’s have been mind blowing — God’s provision is present, and it’s coming through you, I have never been so humbled in my life). If you try to give through this updated link, and there are still problems, let us know; but I think it’s fixed — thanks to wifey. We love you guys, this outpouring is more than amazing; I hope when you’re in need someday you will make it known so that we can be part of serving you in the way that you all are serving us right now (cf. II Cor. 8–9). I better stop, my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving to God and to you guys; I just stand in awe at all the love and grace being displayed by you all for us, thank you!

P.S. I’ll update the sidebar link with the correct link too, so that should be good to go as well!