Still here. Just in the recovery time before the next cycle of chemo. I’ve been feeling relatively well, my gut is a little upset, but not bad! I have a full appetite, which is good. We just continue to thank the LORD for your guys’ continued umbrella of prayer support, as well as the amazing financial support (we are working on thank you letters). The Lord’s provision is super-abundant, and you guys are definitely apart of that superabundance.

Please pray that my perspective would stay eternal; it’s easy to start having pity-parties and stuff, and that’s just not good (for a multitude of reasons)! The love of Christ in you guys is going to carry us through this season; and maybe later when we are “up” we will be able to be apart of God’s abundance for you when you’re suffering (cf. II Cor. 8–9). We are totally humbled by God’s grace at work in you guys right now (and in us). We are hoping that we will be able to go to California for Christmas (to my parents), please pray that my blood count will be recovered enough to make that trip possible — I get my blood taken tomorrow.

Thank you guys, I’ll keep you posted.