Okay, game time! I go in tomorrow morning (12-29) for my second cycle of chemo. It is a 5 day stint, with the possible side effect of hallunications (15% of the patients). Please pray that I will not experience this side effect, and that I will come through this cycle as positively as the first cycle. We continue to appreciate your guys’ prayers. I will try to be more regular in posting updates here; in fact I’m going to try and do a day by day accounting of the next 5 days — I’ll be blogging my chemo šŸ˜‰ .

One more point. I’m trying to look at this as if I’m a soldier in the Lord’s army (because I am); and that this season for me and my family is like intense “special forces” training. Our special forces, in our armed forces, go through months of intense training which includes: mental, emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual (depending on the soldier) training. These men are forced to shave their heads (high and tight), and submit to external forces out of their control; that is if they want to be part of the military’s program. I see myself and family in a situation like this, only of a greater magnitude. In my case it even involves that I have a “shaved head” šŸ˜‰ . Anyway, it helps me to keep this perspective; I see the Lord doing something that requires this, for training purposes.

Thank you all for the prayers and support. Check back regularly for updates . . .