We’re sitting in the hospital, the oncology wing; snow is falling just outside the window, it’s beautiful, especially if I pretend I’m not sitting on a hospital bed with IV dripping. Actually at the moment I am being “pre-hydroed,” until about 7 or 8 pm, when the chemo will start dripping. Please continue to pray that I won’t experience any adverse reactions to the chemo (including hallucinations and/or confusion); if I’m going to I will tonight — the docs say the chances that I actually will are remote (but I can also still get nausea, which I would also like to by-pass, of course).

I know the LORD is working, and He has done so many “miracles” my wife and I can’t keep count; let me share a small one (a “big one,” they all are). The laptop we are using at the hospital doesn’t normally have “sound” (there is something wrong with the software, I think, I’ve tried to fix it, I even worked on it before we came in, and couldn’t get it to work, this has been an ongoing problem with this computer) — the speakers don’t work on the computer — anyway, I asked the LORD to let it work (last night) while we were here at the hospital (I forgot I asked Him to do that); my wife turned on the computer when we got here, and I looked down at the “speaker icon,” and the little “red x” was gone (which indicates the speakers are out). I asked my wife to turn on the sound on her game (“Farmville”), and what do you know, it worked. This is totally exciting because I like to listen to sermons on-line, and the LORD has met this “need.” What an awesome God, I will not be surprised at all if when we live here this Saturday, that the sound will be out again once we get home. It is these kinds of “little miracles” that the LORD has been using to reassure me/us that He is totally here, and totally in control; that He is going to literally walk with us through this “fire” (He has not left us as orphans). What an awesome God we serve!

One other thing on this computer thing, I like it when the LORD does “miracles” on technology (let alone my body πŸ˜‰ ); I just find it so ironic, when for many folks technology has the “tower of Babel effect” — viz. the effect that ignobles man into thinking that “man” can do anything (that they are God, after all “look at all WE can do”). Anyway, as I type on this computer right now it’s amazing to think that God has even humbled Himself to the point of caring enough even about something as “small” as this computer; so that He is willing to be the “IT” on our little laptop — “that’s my King, do you know Him?” πŸ˜‰

I’ll continue to post updates as the week unfolds . . . thank you for the prayers everyone!