Starting my second day in the hospital, I didn’t have any side effects (like hallucinations) yet . . . thank you for continuing to pray in that regard. Actually I just wanted to share another “miracle,” one that I’ve already highlighted in the past; but it’s a rather big one that totally encourages me and my wife.

Before I was checked in yesterday, we met with my medical oncologist, Dr. Ryan; I asked him about the “calcifications” that they had noticed in my tumor. Now, he was still rather guarded, that’s his approach, but he said that “yes, there are calcifications throughout the tumor; and what that means is that the tumor has been dying from within.” What! Did you all catch that? Furthermore, when I had my last biopsy, the radiologist showed me the tumor on the screen; he pointed out that approx. a 20% edge of the tumor is calcified (along with the spots throughout that Dr. Ryan spoke of). What makes this amazing, and I’ve shared this before, is that my kind of sarcoma (desmo-plastic) should not do this. I don’t want the significance of this to be lost on you. My tumor, by definition is a fast growing tumor that typically spreads rapidally throughout the abdominal region. In other words, what is indicative of my kind of tumor is not what my tumor is doing at all! My tumor is self-contained, the fact that it has calcifications fits with the patterns of a “slow growing tumor,” and it is operable.

This is amazing, this is the LORD! This means that He has had His hand on this thing for along time, who knows how long — except Him. I share this because it totally encourages me, you see, if the LORD hadn’t done this with my kind of tumor, my chances of survival — statistically anyway — would be very low. To me and my wife, this is a huge testimony to my wife and myself; it provides great encouragement for my overall prognosis, that the LORD is doing something else through this (other than “taking me home”), and that He has a future and a plan for “me and my family” (and in fact all of His children).

Again, thank you all for the prayers, they are what God works through; His people . . .

P.S. pray for pastor Matt Chandler, he just started his treatments for his brain tumor.