I had my blood taken today, and I am entering my low point, in regard to my white blood count. They call this being neutropenic, and it is a normal response to chemo (I went through this last time too); my WBC was 800 earlier today, I am positive it is lower now. It will bottom out (which seems like about two days last time), then begin to rise again (I made it to a 400 WBC last time); they gave me a shot, earlier this week, called Neulasta® which will artificially spike my WBC, hopefully soon. Last time, because of your prayers, I went from 400 to 1500 WBC (normal is 1200) in about four days, which was really quick; I am just asking you guys to pray me through this again! The biggest danger during this time is getting infection or fever (I am prone to sinus infections); please pray I pass through this valley like last time. I really appreciate this, you guys, I am feeling totally beat down right now (it’s weird how fast it drops and how that correlates to my energy level, but it does). Thanks, guys.