This is just a quick update.

Thank you all for your prayers, this last low point was tougher than the last one; this time I had a cold when it hit, and I struggle with my sinuses to begin with, so I am just today feeling more normal (my sinuses are apparently getting better too).

Tomorrow morning I go in to have my blood work done (to check where my White Blood Count is at), that should go well. And then this Friday morning I go in for a CT scan to check the progress of the chemo thus far. Please pray that it has been working (i.e. shrinking the tumor); I think it has, there have been some symptomatic markers that would lead me and my doctor to think so (just pray that it is substantial though, like not there, I’m not tired of asking the Lord for more miracles, hope you’re not 😉 ). We won’t find out the results until the following Tuesday (the 19th), at which time I will be readmitting for my 3rd cycle of chemo (this is the 48 hr continuous one, which means I’m only in the hospital this time for two days — Praise the Lord!!!).

In general, please continue to pray for me and my family as we go through this “valley of the shadow of death,” that we would maintain, and grow deeper into, an eternal perspective. Please pray specifically for my wife, that the Lord would give her strength and peace (she’s been amazing); and for our kids, Madeline (9 yrs) and Jakey (6 yrs), that the Lord would protect them through this time, and that they would really see the Lord’s hand of provision in ways that will impact them for days and years to come (and He is already doing that with them, I love them, they are precious and innocent).

If you guys have any specific questions that I have not touched upon here, then let me know in the comment section, and I’ll answer what I can. Thank you guys, you’re all a blessing!