Tomorrow I am scheduled for a CT scan of my abdomen/pelvis. They are looking to see what kind of progress has been made with the chemo. Please pray that the tumor has shrunk to almost nothing (if nothing), I do think it has shrunk, there have been some symptomatic things that have changed (for the better) since chemo; so we’ll see. It’s good to know we aren’t going in blind, the Lord already knows  the shape of the tumor, His hand has been on it for a long time; and we know His hand is on it now! I am totally confident in Him, He is my peace, and as a family we are simply trusting Him to take us through this valley to the next ‘peak’; all we can do is trust Him, and there is no greater joy than that!

The CT scan is at 1:30pm, Friday; we won’t find out the results until the 19th (which is the day I am readmitted for my next cycle of chemo, a 2 day stint). We thank you guys for your prayers, it totally encourages us! We know the LORD wants us to petition Him without ceasing, which to know this, is to know His peace — because He is there!