We got some good news today. Before I came “up the hill” to the Hospital for my 3rd cycle of chemo (which is where I’m typing this from) we went to the clinic for a visit with my doctor, Dr. Ryan. I had gotten a CT scan a few days ago, and he had the results for us — which also had implications for my further treatment. The news was good, in fact the Lord had shared with me last night that it would be good news, and that’s exactly the language the doctor used today as he shared the results. Let me share those: my tumor has indeed begun to shrink, it’s still there, but it’s shrinking; I also had a lymph node next to the tumor which was enlarged (which they consider the whole thing self-contained because the node is right next to the tumor), but now has shrunk to half the size it was. My doctor, for his demeanor, was ecstatic (he has been very stoic and measured ever since we met him — we like him alot, he’s a brilliant guy); he had a grin and a smile on his face the whole time he was with us today (which speaks volumes about what’s going on, given his typical demeanor). He said it was “good news” twice, which coming from him means this is good news, indeed! I think he was concerned that this chemo might not have any effect, now that they know it is going to they are very excited (remember my tumor is very very very rare, and they don’t have alot of experience with it, they are using the protocol for a ewings sarcoma)! What this means though is that I am going to have to go through more chemo than I had previously thought; I thought I was going to have one more cycle after this one, but now we’re going to go through at least 4 more cycles before surgery (if not a couple more). Actually the protocol they are using for me calls for 12 cycles of chemo (argh); so depending on the “shrinkage” I could have surgery as soon as April, or not until late May early June. One thing that is good, because I am handling the chemo well (no real side effects), is that they are going to compress my spans between cycles; so instead of 3 weeks in between, it will be 2 weeks, which will reduce the total time of treatments by about 2 or 3 months (that’s awesome).

We are really encouraged by today, my doctor’s response was very encouraging! Please pray that the chemo will continue to work, that I will handle it well, that the surgery will come quickly (or that we could even avoid surgery, and that the tumor will just completely shrink, which I know is still possible by the LORD). Please pray that we would just be able to endure and persevere through this time, that we would live one day at a time in Christ! We need the LORD’s strength and grace which is sufficient!

Thank you everyone for all of your continued prayers, I hope this update has been helpful and encouraging to you all as well! The LORD is faithful, whatever you are facingย  in your lives I know that He is just as faithful as He is being in ours . . . so be encouraged! The Lord is good!!!