Still here, I’m doing really quite well this time around, as far as the side effects from the chemo. As I noted before they are compressing my chemo treatments from 3 weeks in between to 2 weeks; which means my next cycle starts Feb. 1st (and praise the Lord it’s out-patient [it’s the 5-day treatment]). I am confident the Lord is hearing and working through all of your prayers. Please pray for the whole family, that we would all grow closer and more intimate with Jesus through this (esp. our sweet kids). Please pray that this whole experience would just turn out to be a growing thing for them, a positive thing for them in their lives; that they would realize how great and loving our God is, and this is something that impacts their perspectives for the rest of their lives, both for time and eternity.

I just wanted to check in, and let you know we are doing good, overall! Please pray that I would keep my eyes on the Lord and not the surrounding storm; at points it is easy to look at everything that’s going on, and forget that this has all been filtered and controlled through the love of the Lord — and then moments of despair come! The Lord is so good, and His peace and grace so abundant, if you know anyone who might doubt that have them give me a call πŸ™‚ .

Love you all . . . I’ll try to post more frequently than I have been!