Thank you all for your continued prayers, everyone! Today I started my 4th cycle of chemo, it is out-patient this time (amen), and it is even better than I thought. I thought I was going to be there for 8hrs, like all day; but instead I’m only there for approx. 3hrs, which is just awesome (compared to my last time I did this chemo, 5 day in-patient). The nurses and staff are great, and we already met a lady named “Danny” who is fighting through lung cancer right now (I sat next to her today while getting “chemoed”); please remember her in prayer too (she is a nice lady in her 50’s, probably, and her sister Linda was there to encourage her — they were both very upbeat, although I don’t think they are probably believers, if anything “American believers,” i.e. a casual belief in God). I know you all are, but please continue to pray that this chemo is not in vain, and that it just destroys the cancer cells in my body; also pray the side effects are non-existent. I am really encouraged by today, it makes me think that the next four cycles after this (2 of which will be this out-patient kind) are going to be really doable; I’m just hoping this thing shrinks enough that they don’t need to take my kidney once we get to surgery . . . please pray in that direction too.

We are just continuing to rest in the Lord, trusting that He is hearing your prayers, and expecting Him to continue to do great and mighty things through this (not just in our lives, but in the lives of many). Love all of you guys, and thank you so much for all of your prayer and other support, it really does mean everything! When people tell me that they’re praying for me (and us), it is hard for me not to cry (I feel totally humbled and I am totally appreciative and amazed by the fact that people are indeed praying for me and us as a family . . . you guys Rock, the Lord really Rocks 😉 ).