Okay, tomorrow, Februrary 16th, we go in for my 5th cycle of chemo. It is the two-day continuous chemo, so it is “in-patient.” The good news about this is that this could be the next to last cycle before I potentially could have surgery, and have this sucker of a tumor taken out. In other words, after the 6th cycle they are going to do another CT scan to look at the progress of the chemo. Please pray that the tumor will be shrunk down to nothing, if it is they will do the surgery to remove the remnants of the tumor (part of my tumor calcified before we ever started chemo [a miracle], and the chemo won’t get rid of that). That would mean by early April I would be going in for surgery, which could mean by April I could be cancer-free, with some recovery, and most likely some follow up chemo. I am totally hoping that this is how the Lord is going to do this, please pray hard to this end!

Thank you everyone! You all are a blessing!!