The plan is one more cycle of chemo (my 6th), and then hopefully surgery; at least this is what we’re praying towards. It’s up to the surgeon to decide if he thinks the tumor is at its optimum point for removal (i.e. the least invasive as possible); please pray it will be when they do this next CT scan (after my next cycle of chemo is over) . . . I’m tired of chemo (it is a waring process, to say the least). Also please pray, and this is a little embarassing to mention — but I don’t care because I want specific prayer — that the Lord would just heal my “fischers” in my rectum; it turns out that I don’t have hemmorroids, instead (oh joy) I have a couple of fischers in my bottom (I was just officially diagonosed by a specialist in this regard, he is actually a naturopath, and specializes in this area of the body). Anyway I have some ointments, and pain killer cream; but would you just pray that these would heal (it makes it hard with my immune system being so weak, which is why I got these in the first place)?

The Lord is faithful, His timing is perfect, and we just thank Him for you guys; you are definitely carrying our burdens (cf. Gal. 6), and it means alot, we can sense it! Thank you guys.