Just started my 6th cycle of chemo today, of my two different cycles this seems to be the harder on my body; please pray that the LORD would totally minimize the side effects of this chemo cycle (that I wouldn’t have any), and that He would just continue to be the strength who carries us through each of these days. The further we go into this the harder it gets, the chemo definitely has a cumulative effect and my body is starting to feel it; which makes an impact on my mental and emotional state as well. Please pray that the LORD would just intervene in every way so that we would experience His peace that surpasses all understanding. Also pray that this will turn out to be the last cycle before surgery; they are going to do a CT scan after this cycle to see the progress that has been made, please pray that the chemo has been effective and that my tumor has completely shrunk.

I just want to say thank you for all your continued prayers and support; I am so glad that you all are out there, we wouldn’t be making this without you all! In Christ . . .

P.S. Please keep my family in prayer as well; my wife has been totally amazing, I totally see the LORD in her, there is no way she could be doing what she is doing withouth Him which is a total testimony of God’s work and love in her life. Likewise, our kids definitely have the peace of the LORD at work in their loves; and their simple trust in Jesus to take care of Daddy totally encourages me, I know the LORD will and is honoring that simple faith (but please pray that they would be protected from any fear that this situation certainly has the potential to provide).