Still recovering from my last cycle, thank you for the prayers! This upcoming week is an important one. I am scheduled for a CT scan on Tuesday, and then we are meeting with my surgical oncologist — Dr. Billingsley — and medical oncologist — Dr. Christopher Ryan — on Wedneseday (to find out the results). This could be it, in other words I could be having surgery within a couple of weeks; please pray it’s time for that (this chemo is beating me up at this point — although I’m doing relatively well). Please pray that it has shrunk alot, so that there will “clean margins” when they take the tumor out (i.e. that they have no problems removing the whole tumor and are able to remove all the surrounding/suspect tissue where the tumor has been growing — this is important). Also I am hoping to avoid losing my right kidney, which if the tumor shrunk enough I think we’ll be able to achieve.

Anyway, please pray all goes well this week (I really want the surgery); I potentially could be “cancer-free” in a couple of weeks, the second that last snip of the tumor takes place. My belief, from the LORD, really, is that once the cancer is gone, it’s gone! Once they take it out there will be a recovery time of about 6 weeks (before I’m fully recovered from the surgery); at which point (if not a little sooner) they will resume a few more cycles of chemo. We certainly need your continued prayers, this is definitely a trial; and it’s a season of life I’m/we’re ready to be done with. Thank you everyone so much for how you all have been sticking with us in prayer and with other support; I know looking back this will be an unforgettable season of life that you all will intimately be related to!!!