It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, so here we go. After my last cycle of chemo I had to go into the hospital and receive 6 units of blood. While there I experienced some complications, I developed what they call “c-dif” (which is bad diarrhea), pulmonary edema (they over-hydrated me), fevers, couldn’t really eat because of a really bad mouth sore (so I lost alot of weight), and apparently my heart function has weakened a bit because of one of my chemos. Please pray as I recover right now, that the Lord would be my strength, that I would gain weight quickly, that I would be restored to full strength over these next few days. I am weary (understatement) of this season of life, please pray that the Lord would hurry, and just bring us through this season really quickly!

I have definitely hit the wall, even though the treatment has been very successful, as far as the tumor shrinking, this whole thing is taking a toll on my body (and family); we are ready for surgery, ready to have this tumor and cancer out of my body; please pray that the Lord would see fit to allow that to happen soon! We meet with the surgical oncologist this upcoming Wednesday, it’s really his call as to when the surgery happens, please pray that he thinks its time (according to the Lord’s timing). Once the surgery happens it will feel like we’re on the other side of this whole thing, and so we look at that as a turning point in this process; which is why we look so forward to it (I know once this happens the cancer will be gone, and then it will just be a matter of healing).

Anyway, hope that helps you all know how to pray, thanks everyone!

P.S. Please pray my heart function is fully restored (they are going to quit that particular chemo drug), and that there are no long term side effects from the treatment that we’ll have to live with in the future. Thanks, love you all . . .