Please continue to pray for my full recovery, I’m still feeling weak from my last experience in the hospital; but I am gaining strength each day, it seems (slowly). Also I wanted to clarify on my heart condition, while the function apparently  has weakend a bit, there are no side-effects associated with it (and I don’t need medicine for it).

Today: I go and see a cardiologist, pretty much as a precautionary measure since my heart function seems to have weakened (he’ll be able to better clarify what’s going on with that). Please pray he gives us good news today (encouraging), and that I will be calm (I worry about everything, unfortunately).

Wednesday: We meet with my medical oncologist (Dr. Ryan), just for a check-in; and an update on my treatments (like how much longer) [this is at 9:30 am pst]. Then, and this is important, we meet with my surgical oncologist (Dr. Billingsley) to find out when he’s going to do surgery, and take this sucker out of me [this is at 10:15 am pst]. Please pray that he says that surgery will be very soon, like within a few weeks or a month; I am ready to have this thing taken out of me.

I know the LORD is the one in control, so please pray that the LORD says it’s time to take the tumor out of me; and also pray that when they do take it out, that that’s it! That I will be cancer free from that day forward, for the rest of my life (I believe that to be the case, but please pray in that direction).

Thursday: I am scheduled for my 7th cycle of chemo (it’s only one day). Please pray that the chemo will continue to be effective, and that I will not have any side-effects from this one. Also pray that I will be back to full strength before Thursday, so that I can hit the chemo on solid ground!

Please pray for peace and strength for me and my family. The enemy has been attacking me like never before, especially being physically down like I’ve been; he’s been beating me up with the idea that I will never get better, that I have permanent heart damage (even though the docs have said the contrary), that I’m going to die. These are the kinds of lies I’ve been struggling with, so please hold me up in prayer, that I won’t give into such thinking; and that God’s truth, instead, would overflow with greater force, and that I would just believe His Word to me (that I will recover, that I am going to live, etc.)! Thank you everyone, I’m really starting to feel like I can’t handle this anymore; so I appeal to you to hold us up in prayer through this season, and I know we will rejoice together as we get through this season together! Amen!