We have the promise and hope of heaven, and the recompense and reward of our present misery will be so great that we shall rebuke ourselves severely for ever having dropped one tear or sigh on account of this contempt and ingratitude of the world. Why, we shall say, did we not suffer even worse things? I never would have believed that there could be such surpassing glory in eternal life; else I should not have so dreaded to suffer even much worse things (St. L. II:1237; Erl, Exeg. Opp. Lat. 9, 235.) ~Martin Luther (the Protesant Reformer)

H/T: Alan Kurschner

P.S. I’m about ready to write a post asking everyone to intensify your prayers even more; my surgery is coming this Thursday, May 6th, which is the National Day of Prayer 🙂 . Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully holding us up; this surgery in many ways is the climax of this whole thing, I plan on being cancer-free by this Thursday — by God’s mercy and grace.