Okay everyone, it’s time to mobilize and get ready for “D-day.” My surgery is this thursday, May 6th (The National Day of Prayer 😉 ); I’m not sure what time we’re going to get started (probably relatively early in the day), I’ll find that out at my pre-op appointment on Wednesday. I just want to say thank you to all of you for faithfully supporting us and praying for us through this season — it’s not quite over yet, but close — we are exhausted but your prayers (and just knowing you’re there) provide us with all kinds of power from the Lord and comfort.

Let me just ask you all to pray that the tumor has been shrinking over this last month, while we’ve been waiting for this surgery. And pray that the Lord would guide the doctor’s hands, and that they would get it all. Also that the vascular doctor would not really be needed, and that if he is, that he would be able to reconstruct my inferior vena cava — and not tie it off (in order to get “clean margins,” when cutting out my tumor, they need to take out my right kidney, and most likely get into the area where my inferior vena cava is at [a large hose sized vein that brings the blood back from the lower extremities — if they aren’t able to reconstruct that, but have to “tie it off,” I’ll have to wear compression stockings for the rest of my life — which I really don’t want to]); they are relatively confident that they will be able to reconstruct (which is the better option). And please pray, once they get it all out of there; that that’s it, that the cancer is gone forever and never never never never never never never never never comes back :-). Also pray for the peace that passes understanding for me and my family; pray that I will be at peace when they are wheeling me into surgery. Also please pray that my recovery will be quick, and that the pain will be at the bare minimum. And also pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen my wife — who really has been a rock this whole time, a great support, I love her — and that our kids would just have a real peace from the Lord (they are beautiful kids). If I think of more specifics I’ll let you know 🙂 ! Oh, pray that we might be a testimony to our nurses and doctors; that they would recognize the power of the Lord in all of this, and turn their lives over to Him.

I will do another post on Wednesday, letting you know more of the details of the surgery, after we are filled in at our pre-op appointment. Oh, my Dr.s names are: Dr Kevin Billingsley  (the lead doctor and head of surgical oncology at OHSU), and Dr. Greg Moneta (head of vascular surgery). Please pray for these guys, by name, and ask the Lord would give them extra wisdom on May 6th. Also pray for their salvation, I’m not sure of their relationship to the Lord.