We just returned from the doctor’s from my pre-op appointment. The news was all encouraging, in fact more so than I would’ve thought; the doctor said that he believes by looking at the tumor that it is “DEAD,” basically a benign tumor at this point that simply (not so simple 😉 ) needs to be removed! I think this is the most encouraging news I/we have received through this whole ordeal. Not only that, but the inferior vena cava that they will be working on (the big vein near the tumor) will be able to be reconstructed (which is great news!). All I know is that the Lord has without a doubt been working through all of your prayers; both my wife and I feel very encouraged by this news today, of course I still have to go through the surgery, so please pray for that! Also my wife told our surgeon that he was “covered in prayer” from all over the world; and he thought that was great, he said he needs all of the prayer he can get 🙂 (awesome) — so keep up the prayers my brothers and sisters in Christ!

I will be in the hospital for about a week for recovery; please pray that that goes well too, and that there are no complications from the surgery. Also that once this thing is gone, that the cancer never comes back (I’d rather be alive for the Lord’s coming, than go this way 😉 ). We just totally appreciate all of you guys, the outpouring of prayer and even material support has been amazing; it has been and is so awesome to see the body of Christ work like you guys have been working for us. As soon as I am able I will give an update on how the surgery went; and how my recovery is going, unfortunately that won’t be for a little while (maybe I’ll see if my wife can come on the blog here and fill you all in earlier). Thank you guys, so much! Here’s my surgery schedule for May the 6th:

  • Check in @ 6am
  • Begin surgery around 7am
  • Finish surgery around 12pm
  • Cancer free for the rest of my life 😉
  • The first night of recovery will be in ICU
  • Then for the rest of the week I’ll be moved to my own room (which is the same floor I had my in-patient chemos on; which will be nice because we know all the nurses)
  • The go home and recover until I better (about 6 to 8 weeks)
  • Then probably a little follow up chemo just to make sure everything is dead (which it is, praise the Lord!)

Can’t wait until I can be back here updating you guys; until then thank you for carrying us along in prayer! Amen!!!