Hello everyone! This is Bobby’s wife, Angela, I am overjoyed to report that Bobby is now free of cancer! The surgeon said the surgery could not have gone any better! He is recovering really well.  He has been in ICU for the last two nights, but today they are moving him to his regular room.  They are slowly removing all the tubes/monitors that they had in him for the surgery and he is having good pain control.  He was so relieved to find out that they got all the tumor out.  Everyone is calling the surgery a success!  Both surgeons complimented eachother on the other’s work.  Athough he is doing so well, we still have some prayer requests:

*That the vein graft will heal smoothly and not get infected or develop any clots.

*That his heart rate will go down to a normal level (he’s been up around 140 and they want him under 120).

*That his left kidney will continue to work smoothly.

*That his overall recovery will continue to go smoothly.

Bobby is in great spirits, albiet a bit groggy from the pain meds.  🙂  We thank you all so very much for your prayers and support.  We cannot begin to convey our appreciation to all of you!  We told Bobby’s surgeon that there were people all over the world praying, and he thought that was cool.  I’m sure that as soon as Bobby is up to it, he’ll back on his blogs.  😉

Praising the LORD for his mercy, faithfulness, healing and love for us!