I really appreciate everyone’s prayers; the surgery went amazing (miraculously). Right now I am trying to gain weight and continue to recover; please pray the weight would go on quickly, and that the LORD would be my (and my families’) strength right now (this is an especially hard time for me and fam). They want to start more chemo on me starting this next Wednesday; we knew this was coming, but this is sooner than expected, and I really wanted to have more strenght and weight before we started that whole game again. Please pray that the LORD would give us and the doctors continued wisdom; the chemo is to “make sure” there is no more cancer hanging around (please pray that the LORD would make it totally effective and that we could finally come to an end of this long process — also pray that I will not experience the side effects of the chemo that I did last time). We love you all, and will continue to keep you updated as the LORD leads us through this valley (we’re ready to get to a mountaintop and rest, really soon!!!).