I am probably going to be starting more chemo treatment tomorrow. I have a few follow up cycles to make sure the cancer is completely gone and eradicated. They are going to do some lab-work first, and make sure that I’m stable enough to proceed with chemo; and make sure my incision from surgery is healed enough. I am not looking forward to this — I’ll be in the hospital for the next 5 days, it’s an in-patient chemo — neither is my wife or family; but we know this is the necessary steps that must be taken in order to finally come through this. Please pray for strength, and that the chemo will not effect me, by way of side effects this time! Please pray that if there is any little cancer cells around, that this chemo will just totally destroy those; and that the cancer will once and for all be gone (we are ready to be through this, for sure). Please pray, also, that we could do less chemo, than more (potentially I could have 7 more cycles, about 5mos.); please just pray.

We know the LORD is faithful, we are continuing to trust Him; and we know that He has heard your prayers on our behalf. Thank you for continuing to bear our burden along with us; I know there is a day coming, not to far away, that I will be able to announce that I’m done with treatment, and done with cancer.