We have decided that it’s time for me to stop my chemo. As many of you know I had surgery in May to remove my cancerous tumor; that surgery, because of all of your prayers, was a total success! We have been doing some follow up chemo since then — I’ve done two cycles since surgery (a total of nine cycles including the seven prior to surgery). Before we started the post-surgery chemos, the doctor told us that how many we decided to do was basically up to us (he said he expected to get through a few cycles). Given the side effects of the chemo, and the fact that the surgery was totally successful, and the fact the doctor said all of this follow up chemo might be for nothing; we decided (I kind’ve decided, and Angela is supporting me in this decision) that IT”S ENOUGH!

We are following up, now, with some major lifestyle changes; I am following an alkaline diet, taking some supplements to help my immune system to be highly bolstered, supplements to help alkaline my body, following some “alternative” protocols, and simply trusting the LORD to take care of us as He has thus far.

One more concern with “over-doing” chemo is that, as the doctor told us before we ever started, the chemo I’ve been on (besides the terrible side-effects it produces short-term) can produce other kinds of cancers in the future; and beyond that, the chemo can actually make my cancer resistent to future treatments — if over-done now.

We thank you all for the continued prayers and support. Now I will be in a period of recovery. My feet still have neuropathy, and will need some time to heal (please pray that that is a quick process). And please pray that I have years ahead of me on this earth, as the LORD tarries His return. I have a total peace from the LORD about all of this, and believe given the risk-benefit — relative to the chemo treatments — that this is the right timing to go ahead an move forward with life.