Starting to really see some light at the end of the tunnel here. I am done with chemo, that’s official as of yesterday, and now I’m just going to be in a season of healing. I just wanted to thank every single one of you for faithfully praying for us during this season — please don’t stop πŸ™‚ — we would not be making it without you, and the power of Christ that you all have “released” through your prayers and your participation in the intercessory work of Jesus (cf. Heb. 7:25)! To be honest I feel really invigorated; I feel like I’m starting to slowly wake up from a bad dream or nightmare, are we totally through this yet? I don’t think we’ll ever totally be through this. Cancer is something that is always a concern; but you know what, all I can do (like all of you) is trust the LORD for every breath that I take — dependence on Him is even that much more intense in light of this horrific disease.

Some folks have already started to ask what I’ve learned from this season? And frankly, at this point, my head is still spinning (and my feet hurting); the only thing that really emerges as something I’ve learned is that Jesus is IT! And my family is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, besides Jesus Christ, of course! I look at my wife, I look at my kids and just am floored by how precious they are; the idea of leaving them early is the worst idea I have had to ponder throughout this season — I love’m!!! This makes me think about THE Father, and how He felt as He sent His Son; as Jesus opened the door of heaven, knowing that He was leaving to die — the Father’s love is greater than I can imagine!

I will be posting more thoughts and thank yous in the days to come. I thank you all for your continued prayer; the greatest prayer request is that this cancer will never come back again — please pray that it won’t!! Thank you all . . .