We are in the home stretch, I am recovering further for about the next four weeks; and then I should be back to work (yaaaaay!!!). We have come into some unforeseen expenses with our car, as far as maintenance and repair; so I am going to ask for one last time — Lord willing — if any of you might be able help support us a bit further financially. You all have been so great, and I feel kind’ve weird even asking at this point; but we continue to have a need through the beginning of September. I thought I would just throw this out there; there is certainly no obligation, but if the Lord leads in that way we would most appreciate it! Thank you everyone, I will continue to do updates here; I am going to be having a CT scan in the next few weeks, when we get closer to that, and I get a date, I’ll let you know so that you can be praying.

Thanks to all of you (that’s an understatement); we are blessed to have friends, brothers and sisters like you all!!