August 2010

A quick update. We went to the oncologist today, to keep it short and sweet: I am CANCER-FREE!!! The doctor has us scheduled to come back for another CT in 4mos, we are just praising the LORD!!!! You guys have been an awesome support through this amazingly hard time; we just appreciate you all sooo much! The LORD is good! Keep a look-out for new posts here, and more frequently; I am going to start writing on some reflections that I have as a result of this season. Praise the LORD!!!

PS. If you know of any employment that would be great too . . . I was just laid off from Toyota with 25 other comrades (the LORD’s timing is even amazing with this, we were covered with excellent health benefits through the bulk of this season, and will be through the union for another few months — thank you, LORD).

It’s time for another update, and some more prayer requests:

1) This August 30th I am going to be having a CT-scan (it’s already been 3mos. since my last chemo), and then we will meet with my oncologist the following day. Please pray that everything is all “clean,” and that the cancer has been totally eradicated or annihilated — whatever word you prefer 😉 . Thank you all for the prayers, and support.

2) Today I found out — as I was slated to head back to work Sept. 1st — that I have been laid off from Toyota (along with another 25 fellow employees); this is very disheartening news, to say the least! Please pray that the LORD would provide employment for me, and quickly. I will be looking for ministry and Bible teaching positions; so if your church has a need in that area please let me know, and I can supply my resume. My ministry background is primarily in the area of evangelism, and then Bible teaching/theology (so an ideal position would be to be a pastor of evangelism and Christian education, but I am open for other areas of ministry as well).

What a season of life (we all have them, don’t we?). You all are an awesome support, thank you!

P.S. I still plan on posting here; sorry for the infrequency.

Everyone please pray for a guy named Sean Moore. He is a friend of some friends — he and his family (of 5 kids) attend our friends church — and he was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer (don’t know the name) a few months ago. He has undergone 6 weeks of radiation, and is now back at Johns Hopkins where he will be having a 25hr surgery performed tomorrow (he has already had a prepatory surgery a few days ago that took a few hrs — and he has not been doing good after that one). It is a contained tumor at the bottom of his spine, and they will be removing the whole thing. He has already undergone surgery, a couple months ago, which left him with a colostomy bag and a “urine bag” (for lack of a better term); there are also other side-effects that he is also having to deal with (like inability to be intimate). Please pray for this hurting brother, they believe they can get the tumor; and have given him a favorable prognosis. He has endured, and still must endure soooo much! His wife’s name is Angela, and they just need our prayer support more than ever; and especially tomorrow as they start this amazingly long procedure.

Nothing is too difficult for our God!

I lay Sean before you now . . .