Everyone please pray for a guy named Sean Moore. He is a friend of some friends — he and his family (of 5 kids) attend our friends church — and he was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer (don’t know the name) a few months ago. He has undergone 6 weeks of radiation, and is now back at Johns Hopkins where he will be having a 25hr surgery performed tomorrow (he has already had a prepatory surgery a few days ago that took a few hrs — and he has not been doing good after that one). It is a contained tumor at the bottom of his spine, and they will be removing the whole thing. He has already undergone surgery, a couple months ago, which left him with a colostomy bag and a “urine bag” (for lack of a better term); there are also other side-effects that he is also having to deal with (like inability to be intimate). Please pray for this hurting brother, they believe they can get the tumor; and have given him a favorable prognosis. He has endured, and still must endure soooo much! His wife’s name is Angela, and they just need our prayer support more than ever; and especially tomorrow as they start this amazingly long procedure.

Nothing is too difficult for our God!

I lay Sean before you now . . .