For anyone still checking in here, please pray for a young guy named Rory Wheeler; he too, unfortunately, is battling the same kind of cancer that I had (Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor – sarcoma). He is a believer, and has a very supportive family and fiance. You can check out their update blog here. Please pray with the same fervency that you prayed for me with; Rory and family really need it!

Rory is the guy in the white shirt, that’s his fiance next to him (Kristen); and then the rest of his family (I’m assuming his parents and siblings) behind them. It is encouraging to know that Rory is just as much in the hands of the Lord as I was (am)!

PS. While I’m at it, there is a little guy named Alex (he’s only 5) who has the same kind of cancer too! I’ve been in a bit of contact with his sister, would you please pray for him as well? He has surgery this Monday to remove a couple of his tumors, and then there is one tumor in his chest that is currently inoperable. This little guy has been enduring all kinds of chemo, as well as radiation; and now he will be going through surgery. His sister knows the Lord, please pray that little Alex’s parents would also come to know Jesus.