Guest post by: Myk Habets

How would an EC answer the question: Are infants who die saved or not?

CCists would appeal to covenantal succession – if they are baptised they are in the covenant and thus saved. Otherwise they are damned. Non-confessional and free-church advocates would appeal to the mercy, love, and infant_baptismgrace of God and say yes they are saved. Radical traditions would simply appeal to sentiment and because they want all to be saved then they believe infants who die are saved. So what of ECists?

Now add to that a related question: are the severally mentally disabled saved or not?

Is the answer to this second question the same as the first and for the same reasons?

What are the relevant biblical texts and what is the theological justification for your answer?

Now, just to add one more ‘problem.’ I am an EC, and a B/baptist – so covenantal succession does not work for me. I am Reformed so I hold to a strong doctrine of original sin and guilt – for all the progeny of Adam. I also think infants who die are saved. I also think the severally mentally disabled are saved. But, for the latter, does that mean that they should be baptised? And that they should be allowed to take communion?