I am currently reading:

  1. Calvin’s Doctrine of Man by T. F. Torrance
  2. The Theology of John Calvin by Karl Barth
  3. The Cambridge Companion To John Calvin edited by Donald McKim

I am currently involved in quite a bit of research on John Calvin. There is really no end to Calvin research, in that vein, is there anything you all think I must read on Calvin (I’ve already read Steinmetz, Muller, Parker, Dowey, Neisel, Gordon, Partee, Helm, Holmes, Kendall, Canliss, Habets and some more)? Any theo essays (in journals) you think I need to read?

All of this kind of study is important towards understanding the background to what we are calling Evangelical Calvinism. It is important, of course, because we are claiming Calvin’s name for our theological approach. If Calvin has nothing to do with our categories of thought and framework, then we should just call ourselves Evangelical Reformed. Of course, ‘Reformed’ has become appropriated and thus univocally understood to be another way of saying ‘Calvinist’ (or vice versa). Anyway, the point we are on about in EC is to provide depth and nuance to Calvinism’s development, both historically and constructively . . . thus my reading of Calvin and on Calvin.

P. S. I am also trying to read Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics in the midst of all this other reading; keep me in prayer 😉 .

Here is my current reading list, expect quotes and commentary from these as it relates to Evangelical Calvinism:

  • Thomas F. Torrance, Scottish Theology: From John Knox to John Mcleod Campbell (a re-read)
  • John Calvin, trans. J. K. S. Reid, Concerning the Eternal Predestination of God
  • Charles Partee, The Theology of John Calvin
  • Richard Muller, Christ and the Decree: Christology and Predestination in Reformed Theology from Calvin to Perkins (a re-read)

Have any of you read these works? What did you think, I’m really looking forward to getting into Partee’s work (just picked it up).

Okay, I am re-reading three books, and for nefarious reasons. I just wanted to mention them to you all, anyone interested in the development of Calvinism should read these books. Two of these books speak to the flowering of Federal Calvinism, while the latter traces the development of Scottish Theology, or what we like to call here: Evangelical Calvinism. Let me mention these books, then:

Christ And The Decree: Christology And Predestination In Reformed Theology From Calvin To Perkins by Richard Muller

German Calvinism in the Confessional Age: The Covenant Theology of Caspar Olevianus by Lyle D. Bierma

Scottish Theology: From John Knox to John McLeod Campbell by Thomas F. Torrance

There you go. Some of these are a bit technical for the layman, but well worth the stretch and the read; that is if you are interested in being a person of the “truth.” 😉

Also, I would like to get any feedback on other books or essays that any of you think I should read relative to the history and development of Calvinism — whether that be English, Scottish, Dutch, or even ‘American’.