I’ve had an interlocuter almost since the inception of my blog here, he first arrived on the seen as Puritan — I told him to stop commenting, because of his vitriol, so he came back as “C.” He wouldn’t leave the blog alone, dunce2which is why I finally switched over to ‘wordpress’ from ‘blogger’ — because ‘wordpress’ has black-listing or blocking functionality. I let “C” comment here for a bit, but he continued his same uninformed, hateful, explosive spittings. So I blocked him, by his IP, apparently he received a new IP or he is using someone else’s IP (true spam) — the point, he got through my phalanx, he said:

Give it up. You’re a wet little boy. Petulant when confronted. Prickly as a little fag. You don’t get understanding of biblical doctrine from seminaries or from books. You get it from the Bible and from discernment that can only come from the Holy Spirit. You’re a typical Arminian who hates God and demands God act as you see fit. You demand God act in a way you determine is good and just. You’re a wet boy. With a blog. Grow up.

All I can take away from this, is that “C” doesn’t like little boys, thinks my annoyance of him is strange, thinks homosexuals are prickly, is an irrationalist, is as pietistic as Schleiermacher (but not as smart), thinks Arminians aren’t proximate to Calvinists, thinks that good and just come before God, doesn’t like boys who swim and then blog, and thinks that *Grow* is a verb — but in my case it’s a noun.

Calvin had Westphal, I have “C” (of course recognizing the qualitative asymmetry embedded in that parallel). Oh “C,” you’re still banned . . . I guess if you can find another IP, you’ll make it through once more . . . if anyone lives in the Sacremento area, and know a guy who goes by “C” or “Puritan” and his email address is c@att.net or uses the IP addresses: or and you like TFT or disagree with Federal Theology, watch out, he might come at you in the “Christian” ways he has at me . . .