My primary goal with this blog is to introduce fellow Calvinists to their historical heritage; and to alert them to the reality that Calvinism cannot be reduced to its Westminster style — there are other, even more “Evangelical” versions of Calvinism available within its rich heritage. My initial assertion is that there is such a thing as “Evangelical Calvinism,” which does not follow the famous “Five-Points-of-Calvinism;” at least in every area. And in the ways that it does follow “Five-Pointism,” it does so by recasting key components (such as double predestination or election-reprobation) in much more “biblical” categories.

As you can tell, part of the “fun” of this blog, is that I am going to be myself; which means I am going to be a bit polemical (quite a bit), hopefully always in Christian charity. This blog, at points, will be critiquing and watching some of the more “popular” Calvinist blogs out there. I will use their posts as foils to introduce a more sound way forward for all you Calvinists out there.

I will be providing more insight on where I am coming from through the unfolding and evolution of this blog. Be aware, one of the primary informing voices for me is Thomas F. Torrance and his Scottish Theology; as well as what I have come to know as “Affective Theology,” which I was introduced to in seminary by Dr. Ron Frost.

Get ready to have some fun, Calvinist . . . you may or may not want to call me “brethren,” at least “Calvinist brethren,” that’s okay — as long as you can call me Christian, I think we’ll get along just fine.