Guest post by: Dr Myk Habets

Post-Reformation Lament

‘Post-Reformation Lament’©, Dr Myk Habets, Carey Baptist College, [], 1995

Can a man with no convictions,
Be called a man at all?
Can he be named amongst the numbers,
Of a Jesus, James, or Paul?

“I revel in my dogmatism”
That was Luther’s hand,
“Recant your wicked heresy”
“I can’t, so here I stand!”

Give me the time when people knew,
That pure Christian doctrine.
Things like grace, and faith, and works,
And reconciliation.

‘Tulip’ is an acronymn,
That once was quite in vogue.
But now for one to subscribe to it,
He’s labelled an eccentric rogue.

There is so much opinion, What is correct theology?
We debate, discuss, and dialogue,
From sola fide to ecclesiology.

The proponents in these arguments,
Do come to mind so easily.
There’s Augustine, Luther, and George Whitfield,
Pelagius, Pope Leo, and John Wesley.

But what’s the point behind it all?
What is all this to me?
Well my friend, it’s ‘faith and practice’,
That’s at stake, and all eternity!

Christ is Lord, this is the fact,
He’s Prophet, Priest, and King.
This is recorded in His word,
As clear as anything.

When we asked “What is the duty of man”,
We are left with no decision.
It’s stated clearly for all to read,
In the Westminster shorter catechism.

Five hundred years have come and gone,
And still we do debate.
I wonder when the Bible too,
Some will want to relegate.

“Once and for all”, the Bible says,
“The Good News was delivered”.
Five hundred years, or so ago,
Some say it was rediscovered.

Well I don’t know about all that,
If all they said were true.
But I do know that they have a lot to teach,
To modern men like me and you!